Saturday, April 30, 2011

Halter Dress

I got the book I've been looking forward to, Girl's World: Twenty-One Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls, last week!  The girls and I want to make pretty much all 21 projects.

After my mother taught Molly how to sew, she's been begging for us to sew something.  I finally pulled out a little table to set up for her yesterday and let her pick out her material and pattern.  She picked out the Tallulah Halter Dress from the book, and some swirly Michael Miller fabric. 

I am pretty impressed with her skills.  I cut the pieces out and pinned them for her, but she sewed the entire top pieces, lining and all, by herself.  She was pretty mad at me for choosing the polka dotted lining ...she, for some odd reason, is not a fan of polka dots.  Crazy, I know - she must get the quirk from her father.

She decided after the halter top that her hands hurt and she wanted me to finish.  I have to say, I was confused about the casing for the elastic in the back.  It was until several hours later (after watching some Royal Wedding footage), that I reread the directions and realized I did some things out of order.  I had already sewn the side seams before I did the casing.  That could be way things were tricky for me.  Let that be a lesson, kids, read through ALL directions BEFORE you start a project.

I think we make a pretty good team.  She hated my choice of lining, but ended up loving it in the end.  I also questioned her choice of a zebra print ribbon that she wanted to add at the waist.  I think that little detail makes the dress! 

She loves long dresses to the floor, and was a little upset that I didn't make this one longer, so I think I'm going to go back and add a nice zebra print ruffle at the bottom for some more length. What do you think?


Bottom line - we both love the dress and the pattern.  It was very quick to whip up, I think it could've been fairly easy if I would have read the directions, and very cute end result.  I think I'll go make my other daughter one.

*Edited to add - Ms. Sis Boom herself commented on my blog!  Squeeeee!


Jennifer said...

Wow just so love this dress and that's what we wanted you to enjoy sew together be together in your girls world!!! love this..

Vicki said...

Very Pretty.

Fay said...

You're right, the zebra makes it. Your girl has an eye for fashion!

Mommamea's favorite things said...

This is adorable. I wish my daughter would have wanted to sew at a young age. She just decided a couple of years ago and didn’t care for it. I learned at a very young age and my boys liked doing it then. Know they do it when they have too.