Monday, August 2, 2010

Sweet Harmony Bag

As soon as I saw Amy Butler's Sweet Harmony Bag pattern, I knew I wanted to make it.  I love most of her bags, but her patterns are usually for bigger purses and I like to carry a small one. 

I know remember why I don't like to make purses!  Too many pieces, too much prep work, too many layers, etc., etc., etc.  By the time I finished the cutting and ironing the fleece and interfacing, I had to set all of it aside for a few weeks because I was already tired of looking at it.  I did sit down and sew it last night, though, and I LOVE the end result!

I used some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks fabric that I've been hoarding for awhile now.  I bought up a lot of that line when I found it half off a long time ago; and it was very hard to decide which one to use for my purse.

There are pockets galore in this bag.  Three on the inside, two on the outside and .....look - there is even a cell phone pocket!


NancyJoJo said...

That is so beautiful Amy! I really love it. That was a good choice on the fabric.

T.J. Freeman Jr. said...

Looks great Amy! Your crafts are beautiful :)

Mom said...

I am so impressed! I'll takethat for Christmas.

Tammy said...

Love it! Great job!

Mary said...

Wow, really pretty! I've been looking at pictures of this bag but I can't quite tell - does it have two separate handles, or does it have one that splits into two at the bottom?

Great job!

Bloggers said...

That is so great! I always get all excited and then usually give up on making an Amy Butler bag about half way through. They are hard. I make bags all of the time, but have never finished one of hers. LOL