Monday, August 9, 2010

Sis Boom fabric + twirl skirt pattern = FABULOUS SKIRT!

I've never sent my kids to all day Pre-K.  I've always thought that they need to be home as long as possible and also that's just too long of a day for a four year old.  However, at the end of the last school year, Molly was visiting my sister for the week; and I realized that Anna was bored out of her gourd with all five of her older siblings gone.  She was whiny and right under my feet the whole week.  I ended up calling the school and signing her up for Pre-K and finding out it was too late - there was a waiting list and she was number 53!  Would you believe it, but they called on Thursday and she got in!  My pediatrician, who books out 2 months out for well visits, just happened to have a cancellation on Friday; so we were able to go get her immunizations.  It was amazing how everything worked out. 

She was excited because that meant I would make her a skirt for her first day of school like I did Molly.  I talked her into another Redondo, because well, it's my fav pattern.  I bought some Sis Boom fabric on sale last month that was perfect for her skirt.

I got Anna to bed at 7:15 tonight to get her ready and rested for her big first day of school.  She fell right asleep, but was so excited that she woke up at 11:30 and wanted to try her skirt on and have me take pictures.  So this is not her official first day of school picture; but it is what she will be wearing - and that's really the only thing that's important, right?

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