Monday, February 22, 2010


I finished this last year, but never did add the fringe and never did show it to you all.  It's the children's poncho  pattern made with Knitpicks merino wool (so soft).  I started making it last year for my youngest, and when it was finished; she, of course, hated it and refused to wear it.  Red did, however, loves it; but it's a little too small for her, especially the neck opening. 

It was my first time using Knitpicks yarn, and let me tell you - I wasn't dissappointed.  It is so soft, and got even softer after washing it.


Knitika said...

Nice poncho. That's a lot of knitting. Look at that adorable skirt, too!

About 9" needles--I'm totally going to try some for a Skew sock. I do think it might get kinda tight when you have a 100 stitches on the needle, but I suspect it'll be okay. It might be tricky when kitchenering the heel to keep the stitches from falling off the needle. If I can get the family car, I'm venturing out tonight to go get more sizes. Good luck with your experiment, and I might be experimenting right along with you.

Brea said...

Like the new blog look! Love the poncho, too. I wish we could hang out and you could teach me all you know about how to knit and sew!