Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's funny what the kids come tell me while I'm in the shower. Some things that come to mind are, "Mom .... Anna has a knitting needle stuck in her mouth." Or the ever so popular, "Mom ....Anna's eating all the cookies." Usually, I ask them right away what in the world I can do about it while showering. Well, the time with the knitting needle in the mouth was kind of strange, so I got out for that one. That's really a whole different story. So let me move on with what happened to me this morning.

As I was showering this morning, my oldest comes into the bathroom. "Mom, there's a really big bug outside of our room!" My usual response follows; what can I do about it. I tell him to go tell his Dad. Derek hems and haws and didn't go up right away. Nathan comes back to me with this, "Mom .... it's really big. It's this wide (he holds his fingers 2 inches apart). Matthew threw something at it and it's legs popped out and it was big like a frog leg!" At this point I'm wondering what kind of demon bug is upstairs. I get out of the shower and yell for Derek to check this thing out. He proceeds to get a shoe and go upstairs. Then he calls for me that I've got to come see this.

You see, Nathan, forgot the most important detail about this "bug". He failed to mention that it was furry and hanging UPSIDE DOWN on the wall.

Yes, my friends. A bat. A bat in my house.

I am kicking myself now for not getting the video camera out for this. Derek decided his shoe wasn't going to work for this. He first got a fitted sheet that I guess he was going to throw over the thing. Then he went and got one of the collapsible mesh hamper. When Derek moved it, it opened it's mouth and hissed at Derek.

The trap of choice was my Pampered Chef 2 qt pitcher and a book.

As soon as Derek put the pitcher over it and slid it off the wall, it started making this horrible screaming noise. It was a crazy, almost Dolphin sounded noise - only more high pitched.

It also popped it's wings (or frog leg like Nathan thought) out and as you can see, the wingspan takes up the whole pitcher.

ugh a blah .... I'm getting the heebee jeebees just typing this. Feel free to enlarge any of these pictures for a better look. This last one shows where the poor thing was scared. Derek literally scared the poo out of it.

You can guess where my favorite Kook-Aid pitcher is now. Do I even have to tell you that I threw it away?


Anonymous said...

amazing.....and scary! Better stop up the hole that one came out of

glenna said...

I would have died. Derek was a real warrior! Zoom lenses are great aren't they?

Tammy said... I wouldn't have been able to take pictures! That would have been the last thing on my mind!!!

Genie Marie said...

Oh Amy....this is crazy...he looks all cute and fury in the one picture and then the next when he is hissing....scary! Glad it was you and not me...Ric is scared of spiders, so I know for sure that I would have been the one getting the bat out:)

Knitika said...

Those are some really great photos! What an adventure! A bug with frog legs--heee!

Anonymous said...

I'm not opposed to an apartment warming gift ;). BTW the bat story was crazy awesome and fun to read. Also, thanks for reading my blog. I think you're my # 1 fan! See you again soon hopefully!