Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lily Top by Pink Fig

I made this very QUICK dress last week, well I say quick - but it did take quite a while for me to figure out the shirring. I used the Lily Top from Pink Fig Patterns. I think my problem was that I wound the elastic in the bobbin too tight. Once I loosened it, and loosened my bobbin tension, it was smooooth sailing. Doesn't it look great up close?

I used Amy Butler fabric that I got from Glenna, in fact - I got the pattern from her, too. The only thing I didn't make is the sash to go with it. I have a different fabric to make that, but I decided she wouldn't wear it, anyway.

I will definitely make more of these. In fact, I'm going to make some not near as long as little peasant shirts. I fell in love with shirring. My Mom tried it, too - got completely frustrated, so maybe she'll be kind enough to pass her elastic thread along to me!


Knitika said...

Lovely dress! Your shirring looks flawless!

We saw a dress just like that this weekend, and my ten-year-old was asking for one. Too bad that pattern only covers up to size 7.

glenna said...

glad you enjoyed the pattern & fabric.
Shirring is addictive. :-) I had never done it prior to making the Pink Fig patterns. Now I am hooked.
Let me know when you are ready to make the Olivia top.
Thanks for letting me put the photo on my blog.

NancyJoJo said...

I love it Amy and those pics look like they belong in a magazine...Molly looks beautiful. I have some dresses that Frank's aunt smocked...is shirring and smocked the same thing?

Abbie said...

I found your blog via my friend Brea's blog.

What an adorable dress! Great fabric choice.

Brea said...

Wow, very nice job.