Thursday, February 5, 2009


I decided to get highlights today. Just let me say I'm not to keen on them. They are very chunky and yellow looking. BUT! I think I've found a way to hide them. For those who know me and what my hair usually looks like, let me know what you think.

Here is some of the kids checking me out. Believe it or not, Matt said I look like a kid in his class. Oh, and ignore my lack of makeup.

And for all my Cumming readers, you can see that I look a lot like Kim with this big hair. If you can blow up the picture below, you'll see we even have a gold tooth in the same spot!


Nicole said...

Oh my. You really need to straighten that out. It makes you look like a mean school teacher. LOL I love your hair and it's "yellow" highlights.

Anonymous said...

OH MYYYYY what BIG hair you have. You look like yo mamma!

Anonymous said...

Okay-I know what your hair usually looks like and I've seen the highlights. I don't think they are bad. Really. Maybe it's just because you aren't used to them. And like I told you..maybe try the washout color when trying to grow them out. I used the HErbal Essence sunflower one and it worked out great.