Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A gift

First off, I got a great gift in the mail yesterday. My bosom friend, Fay, got to meet Beverly Lewis several months back and got her to autograph some books for her and her Mom. Can you believe she didn't even think to get her good old friend an autograph? Me who loves Beverly Lewis' books? Me who made her an apron and sent it to her during her first week in a foreign land? Me who has gotten up early to babysit her kids? Me who gives her the same recipes over and over again because either she didn't write it down or lost it????? Can you believe it? Well I couldn't, either.

So guess what Fay did? She wrote Beverly Lewis' publisher asking her to sign a book for me. They sent her this handy signed bookplate, then my BFF even went and bought The Parting for me! Isn't that sweet? It totally makes up for her thoughtLESSness. I love you, Fay - and thank you.

And now, a close up picture of the jumper my Mom whipped up. How sweet is that? She even wore it again today, Grandma. She also made something for every one of the kids - but that is another post for another day.

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kt mac said...

aaaw I love Beverley Lewis too!! How funny that your friend went to all that trouble for you after forgetting - very sweet.
Love Red's dress too!