Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chuck has been BEGGING me to teach him to knit for weeks now. He took to it pretty good. As you can see, he was deep in concentration. I ended up having to leave him to get some little ones showered and in the bed, but he kept on by himself and did 4 or 5 rows. Here is his progress so far.

Pretty good for a 7 year old, huh? He has some major plans, he's going to knit each of his sisters a purse and a coat. Oh, and Anna wanted everyone to see her "tony" nails and fingernails in a beautiful shade of purple.


Nicole said...

Nice job C!! And the nails are pretty too. Does it match their room?

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I'm so impressed! If I come over will you teach me how to knit too? And is the pedicure included?