Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You wouldn't believe the goodies

I got a great package in the mail yesterday! I was part of a scrap swap where I sent 3 people my scraps. Here is what Dianah made for me with my scraps. Above, a coffee collar ... check out the steaming cup of coffee! Love it.

Here are two dishtowels, remember that cowgirl material I made the apron out of? Now I have a matching towel! How fun is that?

This is my favorite towel with the Eiffel Tower!

A bookmark, again with the cute cowgirl!

The coffee collar again on a coaster ... the picture I took of the coaster didn't turn out very well; so just know that there is a really cute coaster under that cup. She also sent some tea and chocolate covered peppermint sticks in the cup! Thank you, Dianah.


Nicole said...

That's really cute! What a great idea too.

FeFe@Good Intentions said...

Now that is a really cool swap. What did you send out? Oh yeah, and, HELP ME!!!