Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More pics

All we decided to do to fix Anna's hair was cut her bangs a little shorter to help hide the gap. I will HAVE to put a barette in her hair everyday, because just know she has no hair under the beautiful comb over job I did. It's not so noticable if she keeps it in.

Here's Molly's nose after church tonight. I think I'll take her to the doctor tomorrow to make sure it's not broke. It looks crooked to me, but I think it might just be because only one side is swelling. hmmmmmm, the reminds me of last year, when John cut all her hair off and she had a bright red nose that wouldn't heal. Won't I ever learn? I'm off to buy some chains and lock all the scissors, markers, crayons, candy, and chocolate syrup up. Or maybe I'll just lock the kids up instead!


Nicole said...

Awww, Molly's nose looks really blue. I think I would take her to the Dr. too. Anna's hair doesn't look bad at all. I really can't tell. Grandma Vicki did a great job!

kt mac said...

oooh dear! your kids really do like to keep you on your toes and play hairdresser don't they!!! I can't believe it happened again but x 3! Good work on learning getting to the point where you can laugh though, I admire you for that.

And poor Molly's nose! Praying it isn't broken.

and hoping you had a really lovely restful sleep after that eventful day!

Jo-Anne said...

I remember the time my sister and I cut each others hair. My mother was livid! And I have received my payback as 3 out of my four kiddos have cut their own hair. One of them did it more than once! I had a good giggle at the pictures...except for the sore nose one, of course--OUCH!