Sunday, November 9, 2008

bruised nose, day 4

I do believe this past Wednesday was a bad day for my Red. First, one brother cuts her hair off, then another brother accidentally does this to her nose. In case any are wondering, I did take her to the doctor and it is NOT broken. Aren't her eyes beautiful??


Nikki said...

Poor girl! She'll be tough come time for dating and all the boys will be scared of her...LOL

Her eyes are BEAUTIFUL!

Knitika said...

Oh, poor sweetie! Wednesday really was a day to remember, although one you'd surely love to forget.

Nicole said...

Wow, the greener her nose gets, the more blue her eyes look. She is such a cutie!

kt mac said...

Poor Red!
I was glad to hear her nose wasn't broken.

It must be so hard looking after 6 kiddies and keeping up with what their all doing and what mischief their getting into! My dad is one of 6 and they have some crazy stories such as accidentally pushing their youngest brother out of a secondary story window while playing hide and seek (he was hiding behind the curtain) and my other uncle driving their mum's car into a brick wall across the street!

And yes, she had gorgeous blue eyes :)

kt mac said...