Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun With Friends

My great Indianian friend is down here in the South for a visit with her folks and she and her kids (minus 1) graced me with their presence today.  We tried to get a picture of the kids together - but the little guy on the left, as well as my camera, wouldn't cooperate.

We tried to get them to repeat funny phrases and make silly faces, but the kid wouldn't budge and turn his frown upside down.

As the old saying goes... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em - so the other kids did their best shoulder slump and pout.

Guess what!  Getting pictures of just my BFF and me by ourselves wasn't any easier.  Out of all of the twenty plus pics, my favorite on was way out of focus.

This is her daughter (who my kids think look like Selena Gomez) and my 3rd son.  My husband and I used to teach these two in Sunday School when they were 2 years old.  One of them, and I won't tell who, was afraid to go potty because of the blue water in the toilets at church.  Remember that, F?

While we were inside in the AC chatting, one of my boys and one of hers were outside building a jet.  I wasn't sure if giving a 6 and 7 year old a hammer and some nails was smart, but they did a great job and nobody got hurt.  We were told that John was the pilot while right hand man was the co-pilot.

Finally, for Sharan's viewing pleasure, my wall in my den with some sticks and sewn birds on it.  My birds fall off a lot, and I've been planning for months to sew them on the branches with clear thread.  However, my friend recommended clips (why didn't I think of that).  I think I'll go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and buy some to hot glue to my favorite little birdies in my home.

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