Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Faux Tie Dye Shirts

My daughter's Pre-K class made tie dye shirts at the end of the year and they turned out so cute, that I wanted to make some with my kids.  However, since I am lazy and it is a several step process, I decided to look for an easy way to make a tie dyed looking shirt.  I found what I was looking for when I found a method called Punk Rock Tie Dye.  I would be nice and put a link - but there is a virus on my computer and I can't use google or YouTube without getting on a spam site.  If you'd like more information, though, just google it or there is a 1 minute video on YouTube showing what to do.

On the video I found, they used spray paint to give a tie dye effect.  I wasn't sure how that would wash up, or if it would be stiff; so I used a spray on fabric dye I found at Hobby Lobby called Simply Spray.

This was such a fun and simple project that the kids literally didn't need any help doing.  I showed them once how to twirl the shirt up; and then they took off with it.

I love how each shirt looked so different based on the colors they used and how much they twisted the shirt.

The only problem with the Simply Spray was - these shirts faded A LOT!  The colors kind of bleed and none of the lines look as crisp now as they did on the first day.  I did wait the 72 hours to wash like the directions said; however - I did not pre-wash the shirts and I probably should have. 

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