Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Mother's Day

It's the end of the school year here in Georgia, and that means no time to rest for me with six kids in school.  There were two Field Days last week, a Spring Fling today and tomorrow, a Luau on Thursday, and finally another Field Day on Friday (along with an end of the year breakfast and awards and another last day of school party with a slide show that I've been told will make us all cry.)  In addition to the school activities, we've had two in baseball, one in soccer, one in piano, and one in violin.  I really need a nap just typing out what all we've been doing.

All that to say - I'm behind on blogging and I'm just now sharing my wonderful Mother's Day.

It all started out with breakfast in bed.  Not just any breakfast in bed, but the kind you see children providing lovingly for their mothers in a commercial or movie.  I'm talking sausage, eggs, pancakes, a bowl of fresh fruit, a little pitcher with hot syrup, and a small vase of freshly picked pansies .... all on a beautiful Christmas tray.

Than we enjoyed a day in Atlanta going to the Botanical Gardens.

We tried to get a good picture of all my children with me on Mother's Day - but trying to get these six to smile all at the same time is close to impossible.

The flower lady in the herb garden:


This next picture is for my sister .... the perfect cedar tree.  Cedar trees are like Mockingbirds to Kim - in that you should never kill one.

No pretty flowers in this picture, but it shows another cute angle of the dress my daughter made.

The picture above and below aren't good examples of the beauty at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens; but they are a great example of how men, no matter how old, are immature.


After the Botanical Gardens and Farmer's Market, we ended the day at Atlantic Station to watch Thor in IMAX 3D.  I do not recommend paying the extra money for IMAX and 3D when you have eight people to pay for.  I don't think it was worth it.  The kids, however, did think it was worth it and they also thought they had the BEST MOTHER'S DAY EVER!

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Meg said...

You have a beautiful family!