Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sewing Lessons

My daughters spent last weekend with my mother and she taught them how to sew!  Molly said she wanted to make a skirt and even drew up a pattern (above).

Molly picked it up quick.  My Mom pinned the pieces together and did the ironing, but other than that, Molly did it all on her own.

They stayed up until after midnight to finish their projects.  Like mother, like daughter... like daughters.

Even though Anna had the motions down, I think her Grandma had to help keep the fabric under the needle.

Her project was a little pocket.  She wants to add a strap to turn it into a purse.

I do believe my Mom created a sewing monster, because even after making two skirts and staying up until 12:30 am, the first thing Molly asked when she got home was if she could sew.  I had to decline, mainly because I needed my Sunday afternoon nap, but I told her that I didn't have a small table in order for her to reach the pedal.  She replied with, "Oh!  It's alright, I can just stand to use the pedal!"

I think that since they learned on my Mom's fancy Pfaff, I'll be bypassing a kid's version machine and get them a Singer or something cheaper for us to have fun filled sewing days.  Oh, and of course, a short table so my baby won't have to stand.


jennifer robin said...

Sew adorable!!! Put those girls in the apron swaps with you!!!!! Hi, I join this most recent Flirty apron swap, and am now in the process of checking out everyone's blogs!! Thought I would leave you a message of encouragement!! You have a good heart Amy, and how wonderful of you and your family to open your hearts to adopt!

Jessica said...

Very Cute!! They did a great job!!