Wednesday, March 2, 2011

People Celebrating Birthdays Today

 Well, hello, my favorite 007.  Yes, today is Daniel Craig's birthday. 

My favorite Cuban, Dezi Arnaz would have been 94 today.

Happy birthday to my favorite children's author, Dr. Seuss!

Not my favorite singer, but most definitely my favorite name to say, Jon Bon Jovi's birthday is today!

Hey!  My favorite person is 35 today!  Happy Birthday, me!

My oldest gave me this drawing this morning, and I have to say - I think it's my favorite present.
Upon further inspection, there is a lot going on in this picture.

There's cheerleaders spelling out my name:

There's musicians, which represent the three of my children who play instruments.  One plays the trombone, one plays the trumpet, and the other the violin.

There's five men with top hats and canes dancing for me:

There is an airplane writing my name in the sky with fireworks in the background:

And lastly, there is an aviator doing yoga, or maybe that's supposed to be me.  Whoever it is, I love it!


Anonymous said...

Amy 3/2 is my brother Kyle's B-day and my cousin Tammy's, Carol's and her sister Joyce. But being a PreK teacher I think it so COOL that you share a birthday with Dr. Suess.

PS Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond, too! Yummy!

Amy said...

It was a very good day to be born :)
Thanks for the comment!