Sunday, October 17, 2010

Remember this?

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and when I saw a weaving loom, nostalgia set in and I had to buy it!

I used to make all kinds of potholders when I was little.  But I think I might have forgotten how to finish them off.  Are they supposed to shrink up to almost half of the size?

He was still extremely pleased with the end results.  He asked if he could keep it in his room; so I guess it will be a doily of some sort on his dresser.


Knitika said...

I just bought one of those the other day for a craft thing at work. My *12* year old has been making more potholders. And yes, they do shrink up a lot.

Time to use more pot holders!

Nicole said...

My kids love that thing...TJ's mom has one from when the boys were little and the kids make me pot holders all the