Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bob Barker Would Be Upset

Um .... so I forgot to get Tippy fixed.    About two weeks ago, Charlie came in and said Tippy's belly was getting big and she had bumps on it.  Derek and I just looked at each other with a sigh.  She ended up having four puppies this past Friday night.

Isn't this one cute?  We need a brown dog, so I think we just HAVE to keep this one.

One of the pups ended up dying, so we only have three left now.  My Mom and Dad keep asking me what their sexes are.  I finally looked tonight and since I'm not very educated when it comes to dogs, I'm not sure.  It does look like they have a weenis, though, so I think they are boys.

The kids are hoping to sell these beauties for $50 each.  I'm hoping we can give them away without having to pay someone $50 to take them!


Knitika said...

*puppies!* Agreed, Bob Barker wouldn't be happy. But.... *puppies!*

Anonymous said...

Brown one sure is cute! BTW, if their "weenies" are in between their back legs they are girls. If they're up a towards their middles then it's a boy.