Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you, God for Nosey Neighbors!

We had an exciting morning. We got a call at 7:45 this morning from our neighbors (who aren't nosey, but I thought it would make a good title) that there was a man in our backyard. They happened to be outside and saw him ride on his bike up our driveway and around the back of our house. As I was on the phone they told me he was leaving with some of our stuff! Luckily, we have an outside door off our bedroom. Derek ran out and yelled in his deep booming voice to GET OFF MY PROPERTY! There might have been a few other choice words thrown in. The guy threw down a sawzall and our brand new leaf blower and peddled away as fast as he could - with Derek chasing after him in his underwear. Just kidding about the underwear part, he did have time to slip on some jeans - but I think it makes the story more exciting to leave the jeans off.

Now to the funny part of the story ....

This guy that tried stealing our things comes to our house on his bike every other month or so to beg for money. Even as late as 10:00 at night he will ring our doorbell. We even know his name. So when the police came this morning we were able to tell them exactly who it was. Apparently he's had run ins with the law before because they knew him, too, and he was picked up down the street within 5 minutes.

It is never dull at our house, that's for cheesy.

Life is good.


Lazy Mom Leslie said...

What good neighbors you have! It seems that if he was going to steal something he should have the common sense to go to a neighborhood where they won't recognize him!

glenna said...

Geeze! Did I ever tell you that I was a Bail bondsman (bondswoman)up until a year ago?
I probably know this guy too. I could devote an entire blog about the stories of Carroll County. LOL