Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Squee! whoot, whoot!

As some of you know, I never did recieve my apron from the sassy apron swap. It was sad, but I moved on. Today I went to check the mail and look what I got!!!! Shari, who wasn't even my partner, felt sorry for me and made me an apron out of the goodness of her heart. Wasn't that sweet? I put it on right away and had my son take pictures for me; so it's still a little wrinkled. It's reversible and I love it! I have made two Emmeline aprons but gave them both away and now I have one of my own!

Here is side two, and I think this is my favorite side ....
Isn't it the cutest? Thanks, Shari!


kt mac said...


I'm so glad you got an apron! It is lovely too.
I also wanted to be your apron angel but Shari beat me too it :P! It's just not fair that someone should miss out!


Nikki said...

OH I like this one too!

kt mac said...

looking forward to your tree of happiness post. ps. I am NOT a morning person either :)

And so glad you are enjoying the Olympics and it is true that we are watching from 2 diff sides. I would love to be in another country and see how the Aussies are portrayed and what sports they show!

I'm just proud to be part of a nation that is so small but is doing so well :)

And yes Michael Phelps - he is AMAZING! 8 gold medals thats soo soo crazy. They've actually interviewed him over here and even though he's not from our country it's so exciting to see such an althelte breaking all those records! There were even comments that if he was his own country he would curently be coming 5th in the Olympic Medal tally hehe

Have you seen any footage of Usain Bolt from Jamacia in the sprints - he is crazy too!

Anonymous said...

Hey my dorm mate is pretty cool! I am still learning about her but so far she is pretty great! Thanks for asking!