Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is so embarassing ......

I cannot believe I'm showing this to the world. But as you can clearly see - I need help - and the Domestic Diva is going to help me. So this is the view from the door.

See the black bag on the floor .... that's some of my scrapbook stuff in the black bag. And what better place for some folding chairs than against the wall?

This is my table that you can't see because of all the stuff on it. As you can see, I have some pretty cool shelves on one whole wall. The table is right up against that wall. As The Domestic Diva suggests, I am moving it to the middle of my room

Hey, what's wooden thing in the right of this picture, oh yes .... it is a trunk standing on it's end because I can't think of a better place to put it. And there's some of my yarn, just lying on the floor - poor wool that could be a hat. Oh, and what's that under the right flap of the box?

Why is my sewing machine! There it is! It is a sad day when a woman can't sew in her own sewing room. A made a shirt for little Red yesterday, and I brought my machine to the kitchen table.

My first challenge is to get the table cleared off. What should I do with everything, put it on the floor until the floor is the cleaning target? I will get to this hopefully tomorrow .... I am very sick with a sore throat today and hopefully my shot will kick in overnight.


Anonymous said...

Amy...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I have full faith in you. All you have to do is start. Take everything off the table and then get to work on just the fabric. Once that's done you can more on to the next thing.

Take baby steps. Little by little, it all will get done.

Hope you're feeling better! I'd love to see your progress, so be sure to post more pics.

Wishing you all things good in the New Year!

With friendship,

Fay said...

You have such a cool room! Once it's all cleaned up just think of all the things you can create in there.

Nicole said...

Hey Pretty Lady! I have total confidence in you. Once you are feeling better then you can tackle that room. We will miss you tonight. Get better!!!

Karen said...

It's a close second to my sewing room! I clean it up all the time, then within a week... bam. Right back where I started. And there have been times when my room has been worse than what your pictures show. Honest.

Can't wait to see it all polished up!