Friday, December 30, 2011

My Month

Wow, a month passed without a single post from me.  My month was busy with going to class parties, sing-a-longs, and concerts galore between the six kids.  I finally got a chance to download some pictures and here are some things I missed telling you about.

First, my redhead turned 7.  She had enough birthday money to buy herself her first American Girl doll, but we found a used bedroom set someone was selling that she fell in love with.  Can you believe she chose to spend the money on furniture rather than a doll?!?  She and her little sister pooled up their birthday money and paid for 2/3 of their new ultra girly furniture!  They are so proud and once I finish painting their room I'll put pictures up.

We had a week of very nice weather in December with temps near the 70s.  I happened to look out the window one of those days to see my little girl playing and had to snap some candid (through the window) pictures.  Notice anything different about her?

Below is when she caught me snapping and sulked off.  By the way, those are tennis balls.

My youngest boy finally lost a top tooth......

and discovered the joys of playing with tape.

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Lorilee said...

Cute photos! I remember using nerf balls to embellish myself while playing dress-up!