Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flirty Apron Swap

I was part of Shawnee's Frosted Flurries Apron Swap this season.  Not only do we send an apron, but we also include tuck ins to go along with it.  We are supposed to spell out a word that has to do with Christmas or winter, the word I chose was "SNOW", and then send a tuck in for each letter of that word.

I got my package on Monday, and boy, did my partner deliver!  Not only did I get a super cute apron, but she sent A LOT of goodies.  Let's start with the apron - my son couldn't seem to capture a picture with me wearing a smile.  I love the pattern and the fun fabric!  It fits good and it crisscrosses in the back. 

 For the tuck ins, she chose the word "CHILDREN" - since I have so many!  No, she knew that our kids are the focus over the holidays.  This is the "L" that she tacked to the pocket - a Little angel!

The "R" was also included on the apron.  A Recycled vintage brooch.  In the shape of a snowflake, no less.

She sent me a lot of scarves for the kids to play with.  Aren't these pretty?  I know she sent them for imaginative play for the children; but I will admit, I've been wearing a couple of them myself!

The "N" is for Neatness.  She sent me a thread catcher that her mother made!  I must admit, that I am a messy person and I throw my threads and scraps on my table as I'm sewing.  I'm so excited about this thread catcher!  It has a grippy bottom on the flower to stay put on my table and it's also a pin cushion.  As I sew, I'll just be able to throw in my threads in the cute little bag.  How cute!  There was more things that were including that I didn't include pictures with - Candy canes for the kids (they're already gone), a Hand towel with snowflakes on it, Decorative snowflakes all throughout that I will use as ornaments, and snowflake Earrings!  I think that the best surprise of all, though, was that my partner was sweet enough to include a donation to help bring Valeriy to our house!

Thank you so much, partner!  This was most fun I've had opening a package in any swap I've ever been in.  You truly made it special!

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