Sunday, September 26, 2010

My youngest boy, my last one to be born at the hospital, and my #1 fan - had his 7th birthday this past week.  The only thing he wanted was a Fushigi Ball - have you seen those on TV?  I tried asking him about other toys - Legos, cars, or action figures - but he wouln't hear of it.  There was no way I was going to waste my money on an "As Seen on TV" toy; so instead I went to the dollar store and loaded a bag with lots of things.  There was slime, army men, a fuzzy poster, markers, a paddle ball, silly putty, Flarp (the noise putty), a box of Little Debbie Honey Buns, and other things I can't remember.  You would have thought I bought him the moon.  He has had the most fun!  And .... almost all of the other kids asked if I would do that for their birthday.  I think I have found an inexpensive and fun present. 

He wanted to light his own candles and I just had to include this picture that shows his concentration face.  Anytime he is doing something like this, that tongue is out like he's creating a masterpiece.

I got to thinking, my poor kids have the ugliest cakes!  They love them so, though - this one is one Derek created from ice cream, oreos, and caramel - and I think those are crushed Chips A'hoy on the top.  It looks kinda like dirt, but J sure was proud and it sure did taste good.

Did I tell you we're a scouting family now?  He is an official Tiger Cub Scout and loves it.  Last week, the troop got to go visit a fire station!

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Laura said...

Hi Amy, Thanks for Visiting my blog! I have had a Great time reading yours & your pictures are so fun:)

Where do you live in GA? I live at Jackson Lake.