Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wow, what a busy week I had.  The girls had picked out their own fabric for me to make them Easter dresses.  My week was so crazy that I didn't even start cutting out and sewing until Friday afternoon.  Of course, I picked out some crazy patterns and was completely overwhelmed.  I think they turned out great, though.  Both of these patterns came from the book to the left, Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  Being true to herself, Anna picked out some wild Amy Butler fabric that we bought from Glenna.  Molly was a little more reserved and picked a nice paisley from Hobby Lobby.  I really thought it wouldn't make a pretty dress, but once made up, I love it!

Here's the skinny on the dresses.  For the pink one, I used the Manhattan Special Occasion Dress pattern.  Let me tell you, it was a doozy.  The skirt part alone is 16 pieces; and there are just as many on the bodice.  I think it would look pretty cool with different color materials to show off the design.  The instructions were slightly unclear in some sections; mainly because the pattern pieces aren't marked well.  Well, the name of each piece is marked well; just not which direction it should go. It is fully lined, so it can be reversible; although I didnt put any loops on the lining so you can cinch it up in the back the other way.  It is way too loose without the ribbon in the back.  This pattern also runs big.  I made Molly the size 3T/4T and she usually wears a 5.

Anna's dress is made with the Feliz Party Dress pattern.  This dress ended up being heavy by the time I added all the ruffles in the back, but she loves it and wants to wear it everywhere.  She is begging to go to Disney to meet Alice in this dress.  She picked a blue fabric since that is what Alice wears, you know, and she thinks Alice would love this dress.  I want to make this dress again, but leave the overdress part off and I think it would be cuter.


Knitika said...

My compliments on the dresses! lovely job, they're darling! And lovely models, too.

NancyJoJo said...

They are beautiful! The dresses and the girls. I exspecially like how Anna's dress matches Derek's tie and Molly's dress matches his shirt. Just like it was planned. :)