Saturday, March 27, 2010

We might just be the stupidest 2 people in. the. world.

I can't believe we got talked into this. 

Chuck's class got a gerbil as a class pet this past week.  He has been BEGGING for his own gerbil ever since.  We finally gave in tonight to just take them to the pet store just to look; and we came home with not one, but three dwarf hamsters.  Derek was the one who was so hard to convince; but he seems to be the one enjoying them the most.

They are supposedly all girls.  The one at the top is Jo and belongs to Nate.  She is by far the fattest and laziest.  He bought the cage with his birthday money, so these gals are going to stay in his room and he promises to clean the cage and do everything that needs to be done to take care of them.  How long do you think that will last?  The little lady in the picture above is Mattie and she belongs to Matt.  He, of course, named his pet after himself.  I think she might be the smartest, as she was the first to figure the wheel out.  And lastly, we have Bessie, the psycho of the group who tries to escape anytime Chuck gets her out of the cage.  You can tell by her disheveled hair and crazy eyes that she's trouble.


NadineC said...

LOL! All girls, eh? When the boys were in grade school, we wound up with 2 "boy" gerbils from their class. guessed it...they were NOT 2 boys! About 300 gerbils later...(not kidding!)...we started "setting the offspring free near an old falling-down house on our property. The neighbor cat started having skin problems - long story short - she was gobbling up the freed gerbils almost as fast as we were setting them loose. So...good luck with your "girls"!!! :-)

Knitika said...

They are adorable! This is totally the place where we chime in with our hamster stories, right? My daughter bought one boy dwarf hamster last summer. I asked, "Are you sure it's a boy?" and they responded "We got it out of the boy cage!" Well, apparently being in the boy cage does not assure it's a boy, because 10 days later the boy had babies. :) Then we had 8 dwarf hamsters. Fortunately, we separated them young enough that we didn't ever have more than that. Good luck with the hamsters, they are a lot of fun! And so adorable.