Sunday, April 20, 2008


Why do spammers keep leaving me comments?

Nothing new happening here. I feel like I can't post without a picture involved - and my camera is broken. I'm thinking that with the government money, we are going to get a new digital camera with some of it. Won't that be fun? So I guess it will be a couple of months worth of no picture posts.

In other news, only 20 more days of school left - which means 20 more days until we leave to go to the beach! woo hoo!


Perfumes said...

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Sharon said...

Just found your blog through the sassy apron swap site; wanted to respond to your spam comments question. When I first began my blog I also received spam comments. Try changing the settings on your comments. Either "Enable comment moderation" which means you have to okay the comment before it gets posted, or use word verification. That will eliminate most spammers, and especially the automated ones. Hope that helps!